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Document by Gene Casanova, IS/IT Director; Chief Software/Hardware Engineer, Author, Codemaster; 30+ Years R&D, And Commercial Working Implementation Experience


rss feed rss Feed Generation
| Gene's Quick Lab Reference


In my work, and when I share my knowledge, I first try to present and establish a pure definition for something; followed by an example, if one is needed, to aid in forming a mutually understood process.

Experiment with the following examples, based on the definitions provided, to gain an in-depth understanding; and discover new capabilities and potentials....... Enjoy!

rss feed RSS

A 'RSS' feed, is data presented in a specific format with an intent to provide a Internet standard for sharing/distributing news information.  Modern lifestyles now include using handheld devices to stay in touch with user's social worlds.  Many users are discovering, using, and demanding to stay in touch by "RSS feeds"; through the use of a "RSS reader" application.  A 'RSS reader' application requests and retrieves RSS updates from websites, where a 'RSS feed' is provided.

A "RSS feed" is a XML file.  This XML file may contain any information.  The contents of this text-file must be in a specific RSS format.

rss feed Manual Create A RSS Feed

First, learn and understand a rss feed by creating one by tryping it out.  Use a text-editor to create the RSS XML feed file. Open the editor of choice and start a new file.  Start the document by specifying the information for all the necessary RSS XML <tags>.  A rss-feed starts with data format information/ Enter the following lines to the new text-file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<rss version="2.0">

The first line indicates the file is in the XML format, using utf-8 Unicode characters.  The second line indicates the file is in RSS version 2.0 format.  The third line is a rss "channel" tag.  This tag indicates the starting point for information of this rss content, and/or website it represents.

Add the next pieces of required data:

<title>News Service Name Here </title>
<description>Latest News Events, Website Updates, & Articles.</description>

As specified by the rss version 2.0 guideline, information about the RSS feed and the website it comes from must be presented.  The <title> tag indicates any title given to represent the RSS feed.  The <link> tag indicates the website it comes from.  The <description> tag indicates a brief description of the contents of the rss feed, and may include a brief description of the website.

The RSS feed is now ready to add the news entries.  Each entry must have a <item>, <title>, and <link>, <guid>, <pubDate>, and <description> tag pairs in the following format:

<title>Entry Title</title
<link>Link to the entry</link>
<pubDate>Fri, 9 Jan 2012 1:15:25 GMT</pubDate>
<description>[CDATA[ This is the meta description about this news article. ]]</description>

The <title> tag indicates the title of the news entry, <link> indicates the web address where the contents of the entry is located, <guid> is a unique identifier for the entry.  Since all entries are typically at a different URL, the link can be used as the guid; if no other entry must have the same URL.  <pubDate> indicates the published date on the news article. The <description> tag indicates the content or description of the entry.

Note, the data must have a specific format. The time must be in GMT.  Refer to RFC 822 section 5 for more details on other date-time specification formats.

Add the closing </channel> and </rss> tags.  Save the file.  Upload this file to a place on the website open to public access or restricted if the feed is a fee based subscription.  After the file is put in place, a rss feed is then available to users.

In my pinion, the manual creation process is a must to learn and udnerstand the precess. However, it is not good utlization of computing technology and the awesome power of computers made over the past decade. From here, conceive and create a proper news feed, utilizing the CPU brain; teach it to do tasks!  Life is dynamic!

rss feed Real World Dynamics

Your personal ambisnion, drive, and imagination are typically the only limits to what you teach a computer to do.  Making a proper rss feeed requires making an intelligent process for finding the changing information and presenting it as a well formatted rss news distribution.

Think about the process and the contents to be distributed.  The basic flow of logic would be to find the information, check for a changed timestamp, and construct the rss file.  The actual programming is up to the person with the task to get it done.

rss feed Gather Website Webpage Updates

Start by building a index from a sorted list of discovered filenames.  Arrange the discovered files in an appropriate directory structure with filenames that lexically sort into chronological order.

rss feed More....

I offer this basic, fundamental, and commonly known in the public domain, information FREE, under the 'Open Development' sharing concept. For more specific and detailed help, tasks, and/or custom work, I provide support to those private persons who show me gratitude in the form a gratuity.   For commercial interests, I provide support in the form of consulting, and custom building and development.  Open to small tasks and short and long term contract work.   I am also available for a long term contract as CIO, Data Center Director, Internet Switch/Hosting Company, Board Member.


Use The Technology Wisely & Keep It Simple

- Cheers!

Gene Casanova

Tier 1 System Security, Internet Security Consultant | Gateways, Gatekeepers, Firewalls | Commercial Internet, Enterprise User Authentication RDBMS Developer Implementors Available Global. CERTIFIED

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